1st lead
“I play soccer because I really like the sport,” says cesar santos a lbj soccer player, Playing soccer is really awesome its feels my passion"


Mail works? by Gus45

Have ever wondered how the mail works? Well the person I am interviewing I can only contact by mail so the first question for me was how does the mail system work? Let’s start the process. I write the letter at my house then I walk through the boiling day to the faraway lands of the other side of my yard. Carrying the most important cargo of my life, questions that will bring the answers of life well the answers that would help me pass ezine. When I finally reached mail Box Mountain, I placed the letter in my mail box and made the setup camp for the noon.  Once my letter left in the mail car I headed home awaiting a response from San Antonio. Then the mail truck drops of the letter at the post office checked is it is valid (has the right amount of stamps, then it gets sorted like one hundred times. After it goes through all that terror it gets another ride towards it destination, once there it goes through more terror (sorting) and finally gets delivered to the person you put in to: on the letter, if you didn't it is returned. 


What is Social Motivated Art- Austin (SmART)?

SmART-Austin is a national pilot with long-range plans for additional locations in each major region of the United States. SmART is the only non-profit in the nation to focus solely on the funding and gifting of interactive art to the public for future generations to enjoy.
SmART was founded in February of 2004 by Robert Crumley.  The original intent was a way to increase relationships between people within the community. It is the goal to bring people together while working on a common product. That product is art. Art that is created and displayed and has characteristics that inspire immediate interactions that connect people to one another in a larger way. SmART believes that everyone has skills and abilities to contribute to this end.
Although the government provides a nice framework, they can only do so much while representing the masses. As a community-based organization, SmART has created and donated large-scale art installations that are as unique as the individuals who created the art.
Art installations merge the line between art and play, form and function, spectator and participant, individual and community. They span the realm from silly to sublime. It is through interacting with these pieces that viewers will give them value and meaning. And in return, they help viewers actively create the story of their lives.
This art deliberately challenges the distinction between spectator and participant, professional and amateur, the individual & community.  SmART’s vision is to foster "community" through a revival of art’s culture-bearing and connective function by removing it from gallery walls and re-integrating it into communal settings.
SmART believes students, professional associations, businesses, city governments and a diverse array of individuals can all work together on a common goal and surmount any reasonable obstacle.
by: N-ROd

Lottery Numbers

date                             game                                                              numbers

04/06Cash Five12, 17, 18, 24, 25
04/07Daily 4 Day7, 6, 4, 7
04/06Daily 4 Night5, 2, 3, 1
04/06Lotto Texas1, 11, 37, 39, 40, 48
04/05MEGA Millions1, 19, 20, 31, 36 Bonus: 9
04/07Pick 3 Day3, 8, 8
04/06Pick 3 Night3, 4, 4
04/06Power Ball10, 18, 41, 55, 56 Bonus: 15
04/04Texas Two Step1, 9, 27, 32 Bonus: 2



The of  abbreviation  "oh my gosh(god)" and "laugh out loud" has recently been added to Oxford English Dictionary on Thursday. LOL. the Oxford said "The expressions were selected for publication in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Online along with other popular terms IMHO (in my humble opinion), TMI (too much information) and BFF (best friends forever)."


+^_^+ Mr. Y's leads -_-

Rhetorical Question: Is graffiti a form of freedom? Many people ask this question. When people see graffiti is a unexplainable way of art, its free , its smooth, ect.
Twist:   when a person is killed in the central part of the city, graffiti is seen every were.
Contrast and compare: years ago graffiti did not existed, but now a days its every where

Gustavos leads

1.)  Descriptive: juan diaz wakes up in his house in mexico walks to his work then he drives a car filld with narcotics to the border were it gets picked up by andothere worker and in to the country this is the same in canada drugs are getting smuggeld in to the country because of holes in the border patrols

2.) Proximity: a preadator drone was used in a drug bust near austin TX.

3.) direct address lead: how do you feel aboute your safety?

N-Rod's leads

  1.  Descriptive: Today, Pam drove to pick up her children after their basket ball game.  Her children were very tired and ready to go home, Pam left the Basket ball court and was getting home as fast as she could. On the ride home she was hit by a drunk driver and now is confined to a wheel chair, both her children now are in coma, one intoxocated person can take the lives of three if not more when driving.
  2.  Rhetorical: How many lives are taken by Drunk drivers every year In Texas Every year?  Travis county sherif John Carson has kept track since 1995 and the numbers are incredibly depressive.
  3.   Alcohol is one of the major causes of death on roads in Texas. Last year there were 45 alcohol-related fatalities in the Valley. How many will there be this year? Dont drink then drive.